Shin-Etsu Chemical began producing pharmaceutical excipients in 1962. Since then, thanks to feedback from our customers and inspection by the FDA, we have been improving our quality and control system.


We are confident in our quality control which is in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and we are looking forward to our system becoming a global standard for pharmaceutical excipients. Shin-Etsu Chemical’s cellulose products can make a valuable contribution in various areas of pharmaceutical technology and nutritional products.


»Our goal –
To be your best partner by always supplying the highest quality products«

Shin-Etsu Chemical considers it extremely important as a materials producer to provide a stable supply of high-quality products. High purity and cleanliness are demanded from many of the products we deliver. To supply cutting-edge materials, our quality control technology and system must also be cutting-edge.
To fulfil these kinds of high-level needs, Shin-Etsu Chemical is introducing the latest analytical equipment and developing its own original quality control system, while, at the same time, building a management system to enforce this function continuously and effectively.  

As our customers' best partner, we always provide a stable supply of quality products. ShinEtsu Chemicals Ltd. Japan and the SE Tylose Tyloshin2 plant at SE Tylose GmbH & Co. KG in Wiesbaden both operate under GMP conditions and fulfil the requirements of the pharmaceutical and the food industry.

Both sites comply to ISO 9001 and 14001.  


»Our responsibility –
Putting first priority on the environment and safety«

The Shin-Etsu Group has made a basic management commitment to people.

For this reason, the Group places the highest priority on its policy of “safety and environmental protection first” in all of its corporate activities. In conjunction with this, the Shin-Etsu Group has issued an Environmental Charter that sets out the Groups basic philosophy and action plan regarding all matters affecting the environment.

Accordingly, the Group has adopted a number of very ambitious environmental objectives and is striving to achieve them.

Please find the link to the environmental report of Shin-Etsu:


Shin-Etsu Granulation Seminar from the 27-28th June 2018 at Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, Wiesbaden, Germany.
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