Shin-Etsu Chemical's PHARMACOAT® was developed from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in 1963, during the early days of film coating and has been the subject of a continuous program of development and quality improvement since then.


PHARMACOAT® is easy to use as a film coating material and gives an excellent finish. It is very versatile, and is suitable for many applications in the design film-coated tablet formulations. In addition, PHARMACOAT® is effective as a binder, since it does not interact with drugs, and has superior stability, nonionic character, etc. PHARMACOAT® is widely used as a binder for granulation, and is available in various viscosity grades for granulation purposes. In addition, PHARMACOAT® can be used in place of gelatin for hard capsule manufacturing because of its greater stability.


PHARMACOAT® Applications

PHARMACOAT® and METOLOSE® can also be used as a binder for granulation. The fine particle size (average 50-70 μm) allows good mixture with the vehicle (lactose/cornstarch) and PHARMACOAT® and METOLOSE® is effective for fluidized bed granulation and high shear mixer granulation (dry-blend).


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