L-HPC (Low-Substituted Hydroxypropyl Cellulose) was first approved in 1977 as a disintegrant for pharmaceutical dosage forms in Japan.


A recent survey shows that L-HPC is ranked as the first choice of tablet disintegrant by Japanese pharmaceutical companies.


The key benefits of L-HPC include:

  • Excellent compatibility with active ingredients
  • Disintegration into smaller particles leading to better dissolution
  • Anti-capping effect for tableting process
  • Suitable for pellet extrusion as well as tableting
  • A variety of grades are available depending on application


L-HPC Applications

One of the benefits of L-HPC is to resolve “capping,” which is a typical problem in the tableting process. Several reports have highlighted that capping is caused by a high residual die-wall pressure during the tableting process. L-HPC reduces the residual die-wall force and ejection force during the tableting process. For this application we recommend that you use either LH-11 or NBD-020.


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