Metolose® SFE

METOLOSE® SFE food grade is a range of low to high viscosity food quality Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose products.


The main functions of METOLOSE® SFE:

  • Entrainment of air
  • Stabilization of phases (Emulsification)
  • Reduction of oil uptake
  • Processing aid for thermally processed products


Product facts
E Number: E 464
Substitution: MeO = 27.0-30.0% ; HPO = 4.0-7.5%
Character: Semi-firm thermal gel, better compatibility with others


Grade Labeled Viscosity (2% aqueous solution, 20°C)
SFE-400 400
SFE-4000 4000
SFE-25000 25000


SFE Applications

METOLOSE® improves water retentivity of dough and final product, and it also helps to keep soft texture and extends shelf life. In gluten free bread, METOLOSE® gives good loaf volume with a proper texture. Furthermore, example for doughnuts, METOLOSE® reduces oil absorption and helps to maintain the structure. METOLOSE® provides all these properties without stiff texture.


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